Around the Corn Contestant Search Scavenger Hunt

Attention!!! Attention!!! Attention!!!

We are conducting a scavenger hunt to find a listener worthy enough to be a contestant on the show for Episode 6: Return of the Browneye.


Here are the rules:


1. Like and RT the post that led you here to enter the contest.

2. Next, visit the Twitter profile of the 7 Around the Corn personalities. Each will have a question that requires knowledge from one or several of the AtC episodes pinned to their page. Find the answers and send them via DM to each personality. Wrong answers will receive no response. Correct answers will be rewarded with a single word.

3. After gathering the 7 seed words, you must arrange them in the proper order and send the winning phrase to the @aroundthecorn Twitter account via DM. The first to do so will be declared the victor* and be a contestant on Around the Corn Episode 6: Return of the Browneye.

Good luck and happy hunting.

*any discrepancy or need to decide in the case of a tie, the accounting firm of Dewy, Cheatem, and Howe will asses the results and provide final determination.